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The English Department Writing Program welcomes you to IUPUI!

We’re glad you’re joining our campus community, and we look forward to helping you grow as a writer. Through courses and the University Writing Center, the Writing Program will help you become a successful college writer.

Our courses are designed for native speakers of English; the English for Academic Purposes Program (317-274-2188) handles courses for non-native speakers.  IUPUI requires many non-native speakers of English to take the EAP Placement Test before starting their courses.  If you are a non-native speaker of English, go to the Writing Course Placement Information for Non-Native Speakers of English webpage for more information before proceeding with Guided Self-Placement.

Being successful involves starting off in the right course, one that will support and challenge you. Instead of using a writing test to determine where you should start, we invite you to reflect on your experiences using materials we have prepared. After you have learned about IUPUI’s three first-year writing courses and thought about questions we have prepared, you will be able to choose the course that’s right for you. This process is called Guided Self-Placement. 

Guided-Self Placement has two steps. You must complete both steps before coming to orientation! Your success and satisfaction as a student depend upon the completion of these steps.

Step 1, Reflection: Use our structured questions to reflect on your writing and the way IUPUI’s writing courses can help you.

Step 2, Course Selection: Based on your thoughtful completion of step 1, select the course that is appropriate for you.

The next page contains important information about reflecting on your experiences and the courses IUPUI offers to help you grow as a writer.  It explains
  • why writing is so important in college;
  • the courses available.
You'll use the checklist to help you determine which course is right for you.

If you expect to receive credit for W131 from a high school AP course or dual credit course, you do not need to choose a course. Instead, on the last page of this Guided Self-Placement site, please check the option that says, "I expect to receive credit for W131 from a high school AP course or dual credit course." Please note that if you do not earn credit for the dual credit course, or do not score a 4 or 5 on the AP exam, you will still be required to take W131. When you come for orientation, please confirm with your advisor that you are receiving credit for W131. At that time, you can also discuss additional writing classes that may be required for your intended degree program.

Note that you must have your campus username and password activated before you can complete Step 1. If you need help with your account, contact: ithelp@iu.edu , 274-4357. You also may decide that you need more help or more information after completing the Guided Self-Placement steps. Information on where to go for help is provided during this process.